Currently under development, there may be: broken links, spelling mistakes, inaccurate information, bugs, etc. If there are any problems, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, please inform me in the TEIN public Discord "@JRob774", thank you and enjoy.

Welcome to The End is Nigh: Modder's Manual!

This manual plans to detail modding for The End is Nigh, providing help and information in
a variety of different areas. Hopefully helping new modders begin learning and understanding
the basics, as well as acting as a helpful reference for those more experienced.

There are three main sections to the manual: getting started / tutorials, using the editor,
and the reference; with each main category being split into easier to digest chunks.
Another useful part of the manual is the Downloads section, which supplies useful tools
to allow for modding The End is Nigh.

So, get ready to begin and enter the world of The End is Nigh modding!

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